COVID-19 Statistics in Turkmenistan

COVID19TM website is an information portal designed to list people who died of COVID-19, which were not announced by the government. This portal is aimed at ensuring the rights of people of Turkmenistan to full, accurate, and timely access to information. If you have any information about someone who died of COVID-19 infection, please share it with us and make your own contribution!

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Total Death

Ady FamiliýasyÝogalan ýeriÝaşyTassyklanan
"Keyik" zawodynyň baş müdiri Aşgabat 70 Hawa
Abat Saparowa Aşgabat 78 Ýok
Ahmet Mamenow Aşgabat 66 Hawa
Akmyrat Paşagulyýew Ahal näbelli Hawa
Aman Şukurowiç Aşgabat 60 Ýok
Amangözel gelneje (anonim at) Aşgabat 65 Hawa
Anatoliý Rizaýew Aşgabat 60-65 Hawa
Annageldi Hojagulyýew Aşgabat 39 Ýok
Annagözel (anonim at) Aşgabat 68 Hawa
Atabally Gurbanow Balkan 60 Hawa